Making Decisions

Do you ever wish God would speak to you like He did to those who lived in Bible times? I do. For example, right now I am battling over a decision, and I could really use a burning bush or a prayer fleece. But, God doesn't speak the same way now. Instead, He speaks through His Word, and though we may not find a specific answer to our specific problem, if we study the Word enough, the answer to our question will be made clear. Is it always simple? No! In fact, sometimes it's downright frustrating! God never promised us a simple life, but He did say He would be with us each step of the way and that He would hear our cries.

So, what will I do about my decision? I don't know yet. I'm still praying and studying to discover God's will. And, until I've heard from Him, I will leave things as they are. Sometimes it helps me to remember that God is not the author of confusion. So, if I feel that overwhelmed about a decision, it may be that the Lord is not in that decision at all. That's why it's so important to study up and be filled with prayer before making any decision. . .no matter how big or small.