Still, Be Still

God works in mysterious ways. In fact, sometimes it's downright spooky! Last week, I posted an article called "Be Still." On Wednesday night, a friend gave me a card which I put in my purse and forgot about until this morning. I read it a few minutes ago. It talked about being still in the midst of hectic times. Yesterday morning in church, a trio that I am a part of sang the song "Stand Still." That was followed up with a guest speaker whose message was on. . .you guessed it. . .being still.

Do you ever get the feeling that God is beating you in the head with something? I often tell the Lord that I don't get subtle hints and that He must be very plain with me. Many times, I think God speaks to me in His still, small voice, but I'm too busy to hear. It's times like this that the same message seems to "pop up" everywhere I turn. I consider it God's way of getting my attention. And it works!

What's the moral of this story? Let us all pray that we never get too busy to hear the sweet voice of God. Let us pray that we are so in tune with Him that we know, without a doubt, His will for each of our lives. Let us take some time today to just be still and to bask in His presence, for He is worthy of our time and attention.