Priorities, Priorities

Is it just me or are the weekends busier than the weekdays? Don't get me wrong. I had a very pleasant weekend: hiking with the hubby, my niece's birthday party, wonderful church services. It just seems like no matter how busy I stay during the week, there's still so much to do on the weekend. For example, right now my house is in DESPERATE need of a good cleaning. I could have done it this weekend. I could have tried to squeeze it in, but frankly, I didn't want to. Instead, on Friday afternoon, Jason and I dropped everything and went on a hike at Table Rock. On Saturday, we did a few errands in the morning, then went to my niece's 13th birthday party. When we left there, we went shopping for some new hiking boots. (If you haven't noticed, hiking has become a new hobby for Jason and me.) Sunday, we had church in the morning and evening, but in the afternoon, we sat in the bed and watched reruns of The Amazing Race.

You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all of this. Well, if anyone is familiar with the "Martha syndrome," I certainly am. Work, work, work. No joy. No life. No fun! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look up Luke 10:38-42. Martha was careful and troubled. Ever been there? Me, too. Why? Because she totally lost sight of what was important.

Now, please understand. I'm not saying that watching television is more important than cleaning your house. I'm saying that if we're always working and we never have any fun, frankly we become no fun to be around. A few weeks ago, I saw a "me" that I didn't like. She had no joy. She complained all the time. She was irritated and irritable. She was no fun to be around at all. I came to the conclusion that I had been trying too hard to make everything perfect (I'm bad about that), and in the meantime, I was driving myself crazy. Why? EVERYTHING CAN'T BE PERFECT! Whew! I said it. But, better yet, I'm finally believing it.

The house is a mess today, and it will probably still be a mess tomorrow, but you know what? Who cares? I spent an hour in precious communion with my Lord today. I played with my two sweet puppies in the backyard. I sent an anniversary card to my parents and a card of encouragement to a dear friend. I did a good deal of my writing outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. Tonight, Jason and I plan to continue our search for hiking boots. Aren't all of these things much more important than having a spotless house?

Priorities--we all have them. Now, we just need to get them in the right order. Please don't spend your entire day working. We all have to work. I understand that. I actually got a good bit of writing done today, but because I took time for the other things that were important, I'm in a much better mood and I feel that I've accomplished so much more! Do something for yourself today. You are no good to anyone if you're exhausted and irritated. Find what is needful in your life, and hold on to it with an unyielding grip.