Where Have I Been?

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Tuesday. This week has been super busy. Not only have we been looking into dropping our home phone line, but I've also been tied up finishing the first draft of my second book. Yep, it's done. Now comes the hard part. Now, I have to add the final touches, cut out the parts that are just fluff, correct my many typos and grammar errors, and on and on. The writing is fun because the story can come alive as I type. The editing and revising can be a very tedious process, but it is a necessary part of writing.

Concerning our home phone line, we are dropping the home line and transferring the number to a cell phone. This is going to save us a lot of money each month. The problem is that our internet will be down for a few days while AT&T does whatever it is they need to do to set up our internet so that it is no longer connected to our land line. I don't understand all the specifics, but I do know that sometime in the near future (probably next weekend), we will be without the internet for a few days. This means no e-mail and no blogging. Pray that I don't go into withdrawal.

I will make every attempt to get back on track with my regular blogging on Monday. Until then, God bless you all, and have a wonderful weekend.