I'm Back!

The past couple of weeks have been a true test of patience. I know that patience is a good thing, but the Bible says "tribulation worketh patience," and let me tell you, I understand.

We were able to get our home phone number routed to a cell phone and to establish a new DSL connection. The process was supposed to take a few days. From the time we called 'til the time it was completed was two weeks! Two weeks!

As if that wasn't enough to get me frustrated, my bursitis decided to flare up, causing me to miss out on several work days and to have to pay for a chiropractor visit. It is doing a little better now, but I still can't type for very long at all before it really begins to throb and ache. What a pain! (literally)

There were other difficult situations that I had to deal with this week, but they're personal, so I won't go into a lot of detail. Needless to say, it's been a rough couple of weeks, and my stress level was through the roof.

But, the Lord knew all this was going to happen, and He had already planned a little weekend getaway. My in-laws had reserved a cabin on Lake Keowee for the weekend, and they invited my husband and I to join them. It was so quiet and peaceful there. That alone was enjoyable, but then we also hiked up to Twin Falls. Gorgeous!!!! As I sat there beholding the enormous power of the water as it gushed forth from the top of the falls, I was reminded of just how powerful God is. The problems that seem so huge to me are nothing to Him. He is in control, and He is all-powerful.

The trip was short, but it allowed me some time to regain some focus on who God is and what He is capable of doing. I needed some time to be still. I needed some time to get away from all the distractions that drag me down. I needed a renewed fellowship with God. I wish we had had a little more time for vacation, but I'm extremely thankful for the time we did have. What a blessing!

PS- I'll try to put up some pictures of Twin Falls as soon as I can get them transfered from my phone to my computer.

Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.
Psalm 4:4