Finding the Path

I would like to share with you a passage from God's Little Devotional Journal. It was a blessing to me today, and I hope it will bless you as well.

"E. Stanley Jones tells the story of a missionary who became lost in an African jungle. Looking around, he saw nothing but bush and a few clearings. He stumbled about until he finally came across a native hut. He asked one of the natives if he could lead him out of the jungle and back to the mission station. The man agreed to help him.

"'Thank you!' exclaimed the missionary. 'Which way do I go?' The native replied, 'Walk.' And so they did, hacking their way through the unmarked jungle for more than an hour.

"Pausing to rest, the missionary looked around and had the same overwhelming sense that he was lost. All he saw was bush and a few clearings. 'Are you quite sure this is the way?' he asked. 'I don't see any path.'

"The native looked at him and replied, 'Bwana, in this place, there is no path. I am the path.'

"When you have no clues, remember that God is omniscient--all wise. When you run out of time, remember that God is omnipresent--all time is in His hand. When you are weak, remember that God is omnipotent--all power belongs to Him."