An Important Letter

Dear Loved One,

I couldn't wait to talk with you yesterday morning. I know you were busy getting ready for work, but didn't you have just a few minutes to spend with me? But don't worry. I wasn't mad. I could wait.

I thought about you all day and was looking forward to the evening ahead. You said you didn't have any plans, so I assumed you would have time for me. I prepared you a wonderful feast, but you didn't even pause long enough to say, "Thanks." Then you were up and gone off to watch the ballgame or play on the computer, and I was neglected again. But, I wasn't mad. I could wait a little longer.

As you lay in bed last night, I felt like my time had finally come. I spoke to you in my most pleasing voice, but you didn't hear me, for you had fallen asleep. That's okay. I know you were tired. Maybe you will have more time for me today or tomorrow.

However, as the time passes, I am neglected time after time. You are always too busy for me. You have your job, your friends, your hobbies, but I only want you. It seems like the only time you want anything to do with me is when you need or want me to do something for you.

What's wrong? Is this how a relationship is supposed to be? I've done so much for you. Would you please spend some time with me? Whenever you're ready, I'll be here. . .waiting. I love you, and I believe you love me too, even though you haven't done much lately to show it. Still, I'm not mad. I can wait.

Love always,
Your Heavenly Father