Beautiful Creation

A few weeks ago, I heard a funny story that I want to share with you. On Sunday mornings, while the adults are enjoying the preaching, we have a Junior church for kids ages 4-11. A couple of our teenage girls teach this class.

On this particular Sunday, they were teaching on creation. To help make the point of how miraculous creation is, one of the teenagers used the following illustration. "You know how when Mom makes cookies, she gets out of the ingredients, mixes them together, and then you have cookies? Well, creation was even greater because God didn't even have any ingredients. He just spoke and the world was created." It was a very good example, I thought.

At the end of the lesson, she was asking questions to make sure everyone understood the lesson. Trying to be fair and making sure that all the children had a chance to answer the question, she turned to one of the youngest and asked, "So what did God make the world out of?" With a big grin, he shouted, "Cookies!"

The story is hilarious and typical of a young child, but sometimes I think we fail to truly understand the magnificence of the world around us. Creation is a miracle! Life is a miracle! Look at the colors that surround you. The textures. The shapes and sizes. Listen to the sound of the birds, the bugs, or even the wind. We live in a beautiful world, and even though it isn't made of cookies, we ought to be thankful for it and express that thanks daily.