Do Your Roots Run Deep?

Jason and I just got back from doing some yard work over at my sister's house. She had asked us about using our '79 Bronco (nicknamed "The Beast") to pull up some stumps and small trees. We knew The Beast was equal to the task, so we headed over to her house just before lunch.

Three of the four trees/stumps came up out of the ground with no problem. The fourth, however, seemed to have a mind of its own, and it was determined that it was staying put. Even The Beast, with all its strength and power, could not pull that tree from the ground. We ended up ripping the tree into smaller pieces and breaking it off nearly level with the ground. That was all we could do. The tree wouldn't budge.

It caused me to think about how strong the roots must be and how firmly the tree was planted in the earth. This, in turn, made me examine my spiritual roots. Are they strong enough to weather adversity? Do I have a deep-rooted faith? Or, am I like the other three trees that simply surrendered when things got tough?

How about you? How are your roots today? If adversity should strike, are you firmly grounded in your faith? It's a tough question. Isn't it?