Starting All Over Again

It's that time of year again. That's right, It's time to clean out the pool. Now, I don't have a pool, but my sister and her husband do. In fact, he's been working on getting that pool clean for a couple of weeks now. The dirt is out. The debris is out. The water, however, is still a rather disturbing shade of green. He's put enough shock in the water that anything in it should have keeled over and died by now. Yet, the water remains green. He finally decided that the only way the pool was going to be ready in time for summer was to drain the water out and start all over again.

This reminds me of salvation. You see, before salvation, our lives were full of dirt, debris, and other things that were keeping us from being what we should be. We tried earthly remedies, but still, our lives didn't clear up. The murkiness continued to surround us.

When we allowed Jesus to come into our lives, He cleaned us the only way possible. He dumped out the old and filled us with the new. In essence, He started all over again. We were born again. We became new creatures in Christ.

One difference between the pool and salvation is that the pool can become murky again. (Sorry, Bryan!) Our lives, though full of trials and troubles, can never go back to the state that they were once in. We can never returned to that life. No, we are forever changed!