Persistence Makes a Difference

I recently watched a very interesting episode of The Amazing Race. It was the last episode before the finale, so it was all about finding out which three teams would make it into the finals. There were three teams that I really liked, and one team that I didn't like too much. Needless to say, it was easy for me to know who to cheer for.

The first two teams arrived at the Pit Stop without much trouble. The last two teams, however, had run into many problems, leaving them fighting for third place. Near the end, it looked like the team I didn't like was going to win. They were ahead, and I was bummed.

However, when the third team arrived at the mat, it was not who I had expected. It was the last of the three teams I was cheering for. They made it into the final three. I was so thrilled!

You may be wondering how they pulled it off. It took me a minute to realize what had happened. Plain and simple, they didn't give up. Even though they knew they were in last place, they kept pushing on. They put all other thoughts aside and focused on one thing: winning the race. Their persistence won them the victory. They could have easily gotten discouraged and given up, but they didn't. And because they pressed on, they made it to the finish line literally seconds before the other team.

Isn't it amazing the difference a little persistence can make? I know the devil has certainly been fighting us lately. Sometimes I wonder if he ever has time to bother anyone else because he seems to always be pestering me. He fills my mind with his lies and tries to get me to give up. Sadly, many times I listen. But, I know that if I will be persistent, I will win this race. It doesn't matter if I finish first or third. What matters is that I run the race and that I give it my all. That alone may make a bigger difference than I'll ever know!