We Have Enough

I saw the funniest thing this past Saturday. I was cleaning up the fellowship building at our church after brunch. As I pushed the broom past the window, I stopped. A huge black bird was in the yard. His mouth was full of the toast that we had thrown out. It was really a comical sight--this black bird with a mouth full of white toast. And, his mouth was completely full. The toast was sticking out of each side of his beak. It was funny.

The thing that caught my attention next was that he kept trying to pick up more and more of the toast. "Don't be greedy," I heard myself saying. But, he did not listen. He tried in vain over and over again to pick up another piece of toast, but his beak was just too full. Finally, in frustration, he put his mouthful down on the ground and picked up the single piece that was giving him so much trouble. Then, he tried to pick up the mouthful again. It didn't work. After several minutes, he flew off with the single piece in his beak, leaving the mouthful on the ground. Stupid bird!

But then, I started thinking. We're the same way aren't we. We go through life always trying to get more. Maybe we're not all striving for more possessions, but how about more time, more energy, or better health? Just like the black bird, our lives are full of blessings, but in frustration, we set them all aside so that we can pick up one more thing. We fool ourselves into thinking we can have it all, but just like the bird, we find that we can't handle all those blessings at one time.

It would do us all good to remember the black bird. Let's not sacrifice all of today's blessings because of greed. Let's take today's blessings and enjoy them. God will send more when we need them. Let us be content with what we have and raise our voices to Heaven as we say, "We have enough!"

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. (II Cor. 9:8)