Have you ever cut your finger to the point where you couldn't really use it? Isn't it amazing the number of things that you have difficulty doing? Buttoning your shirt becomes challenging. Putting on socks or pantyhose creates quite a dilemma. Doors are harder to open. The pencil is almost impossible to hold. And typing. . .! All of these problems are the result of just one little finger being out of sorts.

You know, the Bible talks about Christians being members in the church, and to help us understand, God used the example of the human body. He tells us that the foot can't do the job of the hand. (That would be strange, wouldn't it?) He informs us that each part of our body has a specific task, and likewise, each member of the church has a special duty to perform.

When part of our body is out of whack, the rest of the body suffers. For example, I had a migraine earlier this week. The pain was in my head, but my eyes were affected by the light, my body ached all over, and my stomach was tossing and turning like a stormy sea. One headache caused a lot of trouble for the rest of my body. And, for those of you who suffer from migraines, you know you don't feel all better as soon as the headache is gone. You're sore, achy, and weak for a least another day. That's a lot of trouble because of one malfunctioning member.

The same can be said of the church. It only takes one member who is "out of sorts" to cause a big problem in the whole body. Many churches have split because of a situation that started with one member. This is not right, and it's not pleasing to the Lord. We need to be on guard. Satan wants our churches. He wants our members, and he will use whatever means he can.

My challenge to you? Be a good member. Be like that cut finger. Be so vital and so involved that if you ever had to miss a service, you would truly be missed. Don't do this in pride, but do it to be used of the Lord and to be a blessing to others. Be faithful to your church and your pastor. But above all, follow the Lord's leadership and be the member He wants you to be. Don't be a trouble maker or aid them. These are dark times. Satan is fighting, and I'm convinced he has some of his top "officers" in the churches. Watch out, and be a good member!