The Most Valuable Tool in the Devil's Workshop

Old Fable:

In the devil's marketplace were found many tools. Tools such as deceit, lying, jealously, pride, hatred, envy, etc. were all up for sale at discount prices. However, in the corner of the room, there was another tool, separated from the rest. It was well-protected and encased in glass as a means of protection from the dust. Unlike the other tools, it's price was high. This tool was discouragement. When asked why such a small tool was so highly priced, the devil answered, “It is the most terrific of them all. It can pry open a heart no matter how shielded. It gets inside a heart when I cannot. Adultery, idolatry, hatred, etc. have my labels placed upon them, and so people will know it's coming from me. But not so with discouragement. You see how badly worn it is? Because I use it on almost everyone, and few people know it belongs to me.”