Cleaning Out the Trash

There are a lot of great hiking trails in our area, but when we take the dogs with us, we try to find trails that follow a river. This gives the dogs ample places to get a drink, especially during this summer heat. Plus, I love the sound of a gurgling river. In fact, it's my favorite sound in the world. There's just something soothing and peaceful about it.

Many times we'll come upon a river that's not flowing properly because of debris that has lodged itself in the path of the oncoming water. Fallen logs, old leaves, grass, and branches can cause quite a clog, preventing the natural flow of the water. If we have the time, we'll sometimes stop and clean up the debris to restore the river to its unhindered condition. Once all of the "junk" is out of the way, the water begins to flow again, filling the river bed and winding its way downstream with its gurgling melody.

Our lives can be like those rivers. Sometimes they get clogged with debris in the form of worry, anger, bitterness, depression, etc. Before long, our lives are so hindered that the Lord can't flow through them the way He wants to. There's simply too much blockage. We've built a wall in our lives that He refuses to break through. He will, however, help us clean out the debris. He'll help us bear our burdens. He'll help rid us of our anger and bitterness. He'll help restore a right spirit within us. And, once the hindrances are removed, He will once again be able to flow through our lives, filling our spirits with His soothing melody.