God Can Use You

Our church received a card in the mail this week. On the front of the card was a beautiful sketching of a little girl holding a stuffed rabbit. When the card was opened, we discovered that the drawing was done by a young lady with a horrible disease. The disease had crippled her hands, making them useless, and bringing an end to her artistry ( or so many thought). Through great determination, the young lady taught herself to draw using her teeth. Each 3x5 drawing takes approximately six months to complete, but the work is exquisite!

How many times have we thought that God couldn't use us for one reason or another? How many times have we doubted our talents and abilities? God has used this young lady to touch so many lives, not just through her artistic creations, but through her determination and desire to be used. We could learn a lot from her. God can use anyone, anywhere, any time. We only have to be willing.