Satisfied; Not Satisfied

Mitch is a 90-lb Shepherd mix. He is precious and very-well behaved. But, when Mitch wants something, he WILL let you know. He will howl. He will jump. He will bounce. He will growl. He will dance. He will turn circles. He hasn't done cartwheels yet, but I'm sure it will come soon enough. The point is when Mitch wants something, he won't be quiet until either he gets it or he's reprimanded. (Usually, he gets it. My dogs are spoiled!)

This morning, I was reminded of how adamant he was to get his way. We had planned to take the dogs for a hike up to a local waterfall. As soon as the hiking boots came out, he knew what we had planned. The problem was that he was ready to go right then. We had to finish getting dressed, pack the backpack, take care of a few little things around the house, etc. Mitch doesn't understand this. He understands one thing: GO! (Well, actually two things: Go and eat!)

So, as we were going about getting things ready, Mitch was making his "request" known. He howled, jumped, barked, danced, etc. I'm sure the neighbors thought we were torturing the poor dog. He was hopping around so much that I got tired just watching him. Finally, we were ready to go. We walked out to the truck and opened the door. He immediately hopped into "his seat." We weren't even out of the neighborhood before he was asleep. All that fuss! All that commotion! All that temper tantrum! But, at that point, he had what he wanted, and so he was completely satisfied.

Don't we act the same way sometimes? We want certain things, and we're not satisfied with the things that we already have. Mitch has a nice home. He has a nice bed (unfortunately it is MY bed.) He eats good food. He has a "Mommy" and "Daddy" who love him, spend time with him, and take care of him. All in all, he has a VERY good life. But, it's not enough. He wants more. Aren't we the same way?

We have been so blessed by the Lord, but sometimes we fail to see those blessings because we're looking at the things we don't have. I don't have a big screen TV. I don't have a nice new car. I don't have designer clothing. I don't have this. I don't have that, and I won't be satisfied until I do! When we start itemizing what we do and don't have, our thankfulness will rapidly dwindle, and we'll become unsatisfied with life and what it has to offer us. That leads us to desire more. Then we'll stop at nothing to meet those desires. We'll jump through hoops. We'll throw fits. Hey, we'll even throw away our morals if it will get us the things we desire. More, more, more! We must have more!

The Bible tells us to be content with what we have. Today, instead of dwelling on what we don't have, let's thank God for what we DO have. Our lives will be better, and our soul will be more satisfied. Besides, who wants to hear us howl?

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. - Hebrews 13:5