Fighting for Spiritual Food

My parents were out of town last week, so their dog spent the time with us. Let me tell you, three dogs in one small house is quite a crowd. Cocoa is usually very whiny when he spends time with us. He likes us, but he misses his house and his “daddy” plus I think he knows that my dog, Mitch, doesn't like him very much. You have to understand Mitch. He's a sweet and precious dog, but he's also very protective, especially of me. He doesn't like another dog coming in and messing with his “mommy.”

Tippy, my beagle mix, is very easy-going. She'll do whatever. She doesn't care who's there and who isn't there. As long as she has her food, she's happy. All in all, I was proud of all the dogs this past week. Cocoa didn't whine, and Mitch didn't fuss. . .until the last day.

I was trying to fix dinner for all three dogs. I had their bowls on the table, and I was dishing out food for each. I went to the kitchen to get something, and the war broke out. Cocoa had sniffed at the wrong bowl. He had the nerve to put his nose close to Mitch's bowl. That was the only excuse Mitch needed to “set Cocoa straight.” (What can I say? My dog is a bully!)

My attempts to break up the fight were not working, so Jason stepped in and grabbed Mitch by the tail. Cocoa ran in the opposite direction. (Smart dog!) Mitch was given a firm reprimand for being so grouchy, and Cocoa's minor wounds were tended to.

As I explained to Jason what had happened, I was reminded of the attacks of Satan. He doesn't want us to get our food either—spiritual food, that is. Have you ever noticed as soon as you sit down to a spiritual meal (in the form of prayer, Bible reading, or worship time) he attacks? The phone rings. The oven timer goes off. The drier buzzes. Our minds wander. Our eyes grow heavy. Just as Mitch attacked Cocoa for going near his food, so will Satan attack as we near our spiritual food. The question is how will we respond to his attack? Will we do like Cocoa and run the other way, or will we stay and fight? Just some food for thought today. (Pardon the pun!)