Ignoring the Voice of God

A couple of weeks ago, I began tutoring a little boy with some rather serious physical problems. He is deaf in one ear, wears glasses, has a speech impediment, and has the worst case of ADHD I've ever seen. I knew it would be tough, but I thought I could help this child. I wanted to help him. I had no idea how difficult it was going to be.

Evidently, the boy was used to people giving in to him because of his disabilities. I don't give in, so we butted heads for the first couple of lessons. I'd ask him a question, he would ignore me. At certain times, he would even place his hands over his ears. (GRRRRR) I tried puzzles, books, puppets, and games, but he seems completely uninterested in cooperating. To be honest, I was about ready to quit (or stab myself to death with his pencil).

Then, last Thursday, the miraculous happened. He cooperated. He talked with me. He played the games. He completed the projects. He listened. He even gave me a "high five" a couple of times. I was amazed and greatly relieved!

I wonder, though, how many times I treat my Lord the same way. He tries to help me, but I ignore him. I don't like His plans or His ideas, so I cover my ears and pretend I didn't hear Him. How many times do I refuse to cooperate with Him or act according to His will?

I'm so glad He hasn't given up on me! I'm so thankful for His patience with me. This tutoring experience has given me a new outlook on my life and my attitude towards the Lord's guidance. May I never be resentful of the aid and direction He tries to give me!