My Knight in Shining Armor

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of a knight in shining armor. I dreamed of a man who would love me for who I am and not wish to change me into something else. I dreamed of a man who would respect me and treat me like royalty. I dreamed of a man who I could talk with about anything. On September 17, 1995, I met that man. His name is Jason Rongione, and he is the love of my life. He measured up to my "dream guy" in every way. In fact, over the years, he has surpassed that dream and become more precious to me than I ever could have imagined. I am so thankful for such a wonderful husband!

What I failed to realize for so many years was that I had actually met my knight in shining armor long before I met my husband. At the young age of six, I asked Jesus into my heart to become my Lord and Savior. Since that time, He has been everything I dreamed of in a knight and so much more. He is my Friend. He is my Love. He is my Protector. He is my Counselor. He loves me when I am unlovable. He loves me when I fail Him. He loves me when I don't love Him as I should. He never leaves me. He never gives up on me. Could anyone ask for a greater Love?

My Jesus, I love Thee. I know Thou art mine.