I Want to Make You Smile

Many times, Lord, I come to You presenting my requests
Of things I want and things I need and things I seek addressed;
But this day will be different, for I come not to ask or to seek.
Today, I bow before you, Friend, and out of my heart I speak.

I want You to know that I love You, not just for the blessings You give
But I love You because You gave all for me that with You I will forever live.
You are with me when I feel discouraged and when troubles and problems abound.
You are there when I walk through the darkness, and in You a guiding Light I have found.

I want to draw closer to you and to strive harder to do Your bidding.
I want to do every task that You ask with joy and great thanksgiving.
I want to leave behind my own needs and to focus on You for a while.
I want to make You proud of me, and I long to make You smile.

I love you, Lord, and I hope that today I will live a life that pleases You and brings honor to Your name. I do long to make you smile! Thank You for giving me the chance.