Prayin' and Complainin'

The other day as I was running errands, I was throwing myself a bit of a pity party. Since Jason's promotion at work, I've hardly seen him. He's gone most of the day, and when he is home, he's either working on scheduling appointments or he's so tired he's zombie-like.

On this particular day, I was pouring my heart out to the Lord of how much I miss my husband and how I hate that he's having to work so much overtime. Just as I was really getting started, I passed a church sign that grabbed my attention. It read, Don't pray for rain if you're going to complain about the mud. Ouch, and double ouch! Talk about God sending me a sign!

My mind immediately went back to all the prayers I had prayed that God would help us out financially. I thought of all the tears I've cried because there was more month at the end of the money. Then I thought about how God had answered that prayer by giving Jason a promotion and pay raise. And my response to His answer? I was complaining!

Why do we do that? Why do we ask God for something and then complain when He doesn't meet the need exactly the way we think He should? Don't we realize how disrespectful we're being? It's almost like we're saying, "Well, God, thanks for trying to answer my prayer, but I'm afraid You didn't do it right."

I'll be the first to admit that God's ways don't always make sense to me. In fact, God's ways don't usually make sense to me. But whether they make sense or not, He is still God. He is in control, and He knows best. My job is to have faith and then sit back and watch Him work in ways I never imagined. . . and to praise Him instead of complaining! After all, a little mud might be good for me.