Sunny Skies and Moderate Temperatures

It's a good thing I don't control the weather. Last week's weather served as a reminder of how much I enjoy the beginning of spring. The warm sunshine. The cool breeze. The long days. New life. It's beautiful, and I love it. So, if I were in control of the weather, every day would be the same. Sunny skies, light breeze, and temperatures ranging from the mid-40's at night to the low 70's during the day. To me, that's perfect weather.

However, viruses would be at an all-time high, and we would be suffering a severe drought. You see, while I want every day to be "perfect," the fact is that God knows how to control the weather much better than I do. He knows how much rain we need, what the temperatures need to be, etc. He is in control, not me. So, when the sun is shining, I should be thankful. And when the rain is falling, I should still be thankful. God is in control. He is making all things to run as they should, which could not be said if I were in control.

Another problem with "perfect" weather is that I would never get anything done inside. During those beautiful days, I spend all my time outside. I hike. I write. I read. If it can be done outside, I do it (which is why my house currently looks like a tornado came through). Yes, I need some days that are not so "perfect" so that I can get some inside chores done. After all, laundry and dishes don't do themselves. . .unfortunately.

Sometimes in our Christian walk, all seems perfect. We're healthy, happy, and strong. Other days are not so bright, but it's during those times we would do well to remember that we need those times too. Just as with the weather, God is in control, and He will give us what we need. Just trust and be thankful for what He gives.