To Err is Human

Remember the quote, To err is human, to forgive divine? Well, I've got a new take on it. It goes like this: To err is human, to cover it up is just good sense.

I scheduled for a package to be picked up from my house on Monday. I've done this many times because it beats standing in line at the post office. Plus, the mail carrier will pick it up for free. I've always been satisfied with this service until Monday. On that day, the mailman forgot my package. It sat on the top step of my side porch until late Monday evening when I brought it in out of the rain.

At first I was frustrated. How dare he forget my package! Then the Lord reminded me that everyone makes mistakes, and I just needed to let it go, so I did. Jason offered to take the package to the post office while he was out on Tuesday. Fine. No big deal . . . until I got the e-mail.

On Tuesday morning, I received a pick-up confirmation from USPS (I had never received one of these before). The e-mail contained my confirmation number, so I knew exactly what package they were talking about. The form read, "This message was sent to confirm that your package was picked up on 5-6-10." Monday's date was 5-10-10; the package wasn't even ready on the 6th.

I think that when it was realized that my package had been forgotten, someone tried to cover it up. In the process, they got a few key facts mixed up. This upset me. It's one thing to make a mistake, but it's another thing altogether to lie to cover it up.

Unfortunately, I must admit that I'm often guilty of doing the same thing. I mess up somewhere along the way, but instead of admitting my mistake, I try to cover it up. Why? Don't I realize it will only create a bigger mess? Don't I recognize the opportunity to learn from my mistake?

To err is human, but let's be careful in how we deal with our mistakes. Trying to cover them up will only lead to greater heartache and confusion. I don't know about you, but I'm confused enough as it is! I don't need to add to it.