John 3:16

When was the last time you read John 3:16? Isn't it funny how we often categorize this verse as one for children and new believers? I mean, it's John 3:16. We can quote it in our sleep. We memorized it so long ago that we're surprised we can remember back that far. But I'm afraid many times we simplify the verse so much that it loses its powerful message. Let's look at it closely.

For God (the Almighty Creator of the heavens and earth) so loved (unconditionally, unmeasurably) the world (this land of wickedness and unworthy people) that He gave (willingly and with a cheerful heart) His only begotten Son (His child, His flesh, Himself) that whosoever (anyone, anywhere, anytime) believeth in Him (calleth Him Lord and surrenders their life to Him) should not perish (in eternal darkness and torment of the Lake of Fire) but have everlasting life (eternal paradise with God Himself.)

John 3:16 - it's not just for children and new believers. It is a beacon of hope and a promise of God for each of us. May we never take it for granted.