Making the Tough Choices

I recently adopted a new health strategy. I don't like to call it a diet because it gives it such a negative connotation. For the past several weeks, I have devoted great effort to watching what I eat. I'm not cutting calories. I haven't gone low-fat or low-carb. Instead, I made the decision to change what I was eating. Instead of chocolate cake for dessert, I snack on fruit. I am making an effort to add more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to my diet while getting rid of many of the sweets and processed foods. And I've discovered that even though I'm eating just as many calories as before (possibly more), I'm finally losing weight.

The thing I like best about this plan is that, for the most part, I don't feel deprived. I'm not hungry, and no food is forbidden. The key is to limit the unhealthy foods, not cut them out altogether. This became a challenge, however, when I went to the grocery store yesterday. As I walked through the bakery department, I found that they had not one, but four of my favorite donuts (chocolate-glazed, cream-filled). These are so popular that the grocery store is usually out. Not yesterday. Nope! What really got me was that these weren't just glazed with chocolate; they were practically coated in chocolate. (Oops! I'm drooling on the keyboard again.) And so, the argument ensued.

"I want one of those. I've been doing good. I deserve it."

"No," I replied to myself. "You don't want that. It's full of useless calories and preservatives. You don't want to ruin what progress you've made. Besides, you treated yourself to pizza a few days ago."

"But they look so good. Surely one won't make that big a difference."

"Do you want to have to start all over again? How will eating this really make you feel?"

And on and on the argument continued all through the store. I'm pleased to say I left the store without a donut. But it was NOT easy.

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. - Matthew 26:41

Ain't that the truth? It seems like I have daily battles with myself, and they don't always revolve around food. No, I must daily battle my flesh to make sure my attitudes and actions are pleasing to God. It's not an easy job, and many times I'm discouraged at my progress, but the battles are necessary, and so I continue to fight.

Unfortunately, we, as Christians, will have to continue the fight until Jesus comes. The good news is that He has given us the weapons we need to fight against the flesh and the darts of the devil. Our job is to take them and use them as He intends. The worst thing we can do is to stop fighting. So, come on. Lift that sword. Balance that shield. We have a battle to win.