Whose Child Are You?

Probably one of the most famous stories in all the Bible is that of David and Goliath. Even most children can tell that story from beginning to end in flawless detail. Yet no matter how many times I hear it or read it, I'm still amazed at David's faith.

Here's a shepherd boy gearing up to face a giant of 9+ feet. Goliath is mean. He's ugly. He's fierce. He's trained and battle-hardened. He wields his sword with strength and agility. Then, there's little David who has to set aside his harp to pick up some stones for his sling. Is it just me, or does this picture seem a little lopsided?

It does to me, but it didn't to David. You see, David had enough faith to see what I often fail to see: with God on my side, all things are possible. There was no doubt in David's mind that he would succeed. He told Saul in plain language that he would kill the giant. No doubt. No worry. No anxiety. When David stepped out on faith, he stepped out running. The Bible says he ran to Goliath. Hmm, when was the last time I ran toward my giants instead of running away from them?

There's so much to be learned from this one story in the Bible. It's a story of great faith. But even more than that, it's a story of how our faith reflects on our Father. When Saul witnessed David's great feat, he asked his guard, "Whose son is this youth?" When people see us conquer our giants, don't they ask the same thing?

God's desire for us is that we will face our giants with great faith, so that all around us will look at each other and say, "Whose child is this?' At that point, it will be our great privilege to tell them all about our Father and how He is able to conquer any giants.

It's hard to be a witness for the Lord when we say we believe His word, but don't act like we believe it. Let's stop running away from our giants. Let's run toward them in faith as David did. Let's show off our Father and make him proud. After all, we are His children, and our actions reflect on Him.

Faith -- it's a powerful weapon!