Can You Hear Me Now?

Well, God finally opened up a door, and Jason and I were able to get our new phones. . . for FREE! That's the good news. The bad news is that the phone company, in all their intelligence, went ahead and transferred our numbers to the new phones. The phones aren't scheduled to arrive until late Friday afternoon. In the meantime, our current phones don't work. We can't make calls or receive calls. I feel completely cut off from the world!

The ironic thing is that yesterday Jason was having trouble with his work phone. He could receive calls but couldn't make any. He couldn't even send a text. He got a different work phone from the owner of the company he works for only to discover that that phone was having the same issues. Come to find out, the phone company was doing some work on the account related to those phones, and until the"issues" were resolved, the phones would not work properly.

Jason was frustrated as he couldn't make any calls to clients because not only did neither of his work phones work, but he couldn't even use his personal phone. It made for a long, frustrating day. That evening as we lay in bed discussing the difficulties we had each experienced with not having a phone, Jason made a comment that caused me to laugh until I cried. He said, "I carried around three phones with me all day, and I still couldn't make a call." For whatever reason, that comment struck me as hilarious. Even as I type it now, it makes me giggle.

The entire process, while frustrating, has reminded me of a glorious truth: God is never out of reach. I don't need a phone to call Him up. It is never necessary for me to send a text. Whether my phone number is tagged to my current phone or to one in a box in a UPS truck somewhere in the country, I can still get in touch with God, and He can get in touch with me. I'll never receive a busy signal or a voice mail. I don't even have to pay for long distance. Yes, it's such a thrill for me to know that whenever I need Him, all I have to do is call His name. He knows my name. He hears my prayers. He's listening, and He's speaking. It just doesn't get any better than that.