In the Form of a Dog

John Craig was a minister at Edinburgh. He was also a writer and mathematician. He had a special place where he would take his students to instruct them in both mathematics and Christianity. One day, during their lessons, a wounded soldier approached. Craig, upon seeing the wounds of the soldier spoke to him of Christ and gave him money for medical care.

Soon after this event, Craig was imprisoned for being a Huguenot. He was thrown into a watery pit to await his execution where he would be burned alive. By God's grace and through a bizarre series of events, Craig was freed from prison.

Craig could not return to his work. He had no clothes, no food, and no money. He prayed for God to meet his needs while at the same time thanking Him for delivery from the prison. The Lord directed him to a change house in the suburbs. As he warmed himself by the fire, Craig tossed about the idea of asking for food and shelter. He didn't want to be a beggar, but he didn't feel he had any other choice.

Before he could make his move, a soldier and his unit entered the change house. Craig did his best to avoid eye contact. He didn't want to be imprisoned again. Despite his attempts, he couldn't help but notice that the lead soldier eyed him suspiciously. Craig panicked as the soldier approached him. As events unfolded, the soldier informed Craig that he was the wounded soldier that Craig had helped a while back. The soldier, now healed and promoted, handed Craig a handful of money. "What you gave to me, plus interest," he said. This gave Craig what he needed to clothe and feed himself. But the money didn't last long.

As he struggled daily to make ends me, Craig noticed he had picked up a shadow. A beautiful dog followed him from place to place. Afraid that he would be accused of stealing such a lovely animal, Craig attempted to scare the dog off. No amount of hollering or shooing would make the dog leave. Craig finally accepted the company.

On a particular trying day when the money was gone, Craig fell to his knees and began to pour His heart out to God. He thanked Him for his faithful provision and pleaded with Him to provide once again. In the midst of His prayer, he felt a tapping on his shoulder. The tapping continued until he finally looked up. The dog stood there, a coin purse in his mouth. He dropped the purse on the ground, then looked from the purse to Craig. Craig met the dog's eyes, and then bent to pick up the purse. It was full of gold coins, all exactly alike. In his heart, Craig knew that His prayers had once again been answered, and the answer came in the form of a dog.