Doing What I'm Supposed To Do

Several times recently I've come across the quote that goes something like this, "Do what only you can do, then trust God to do what only He can do." Stop and think about that quote for a minute. It's actually quite powerful.

The first time I saw the quote was in the book entitled Lazarus Awakening (you'll be seeing a review on it soon). The book highlights the resurrection of Lazarus from the tomb. In one chapter, the author discusses the moment of the actual resurrection. While Jesus did the calling forth, the author points out that He commanded the others to open the tomb and to remove the grave clothes from Lazarus. Why? Did He need their help? Wouldn't it have been an even greater miracle is Lazarus had just "POOF" appeared in front of them, alive and unwrapped without the stone door of the tomb being opened?

Do you want to know what I think? (If not, you'll want to skip this paragraph because I'm going to tell you anyway.) I think that Jesus wanted their help so that they could take part in the miracle. Think about the many miracles in the Bible where Jesus allows others to take part. The servants filled the pots with water at the wedding in Cana. The little boy shared his lunch on the hillside. The ten lepers made their way to the priest. Sure, Jesus could have done any and all of these miracles without human aid. But in His love and mercy, He allowed them to take part. He offers us the same opportunity.

Day after day, we have the chance to take part in a miracle. It may be leading someone to the Lord. It may be bringing hope to one who is ready to quit. It could be anything, but one thing is for sure. If we want to take part, we must follow God's will. He can't use us if He can't get hold of us. I don't know about you, but I'd love to be part of a miracle today. God has a task that only I can do, and He has a task that only you can do. Are we listening? Are we ready and willing to obey?