Tag! You're It!

I was recently commissioned to write an article on P.E. activities for kindergartners. After nine years of teaching k-4 through 1st grade, I felt qualified to write the article. You wouldn't believe the memories that came flooding back. Some were pleasant memories while others were not so pleasant. As odd as it may seem, one of the clearest memories was one where my class had finished playing some indoor games and were using the restrooms in the gym before going back to class. When the students had had their turn in the bathroom, I required them to sit on the green boundary line. This helped me keep tabs on everyone and to keep the students together and in order. On this particular day, I was standing there chatting with the students when I noticed one boy doing something very unusual which prompted me to say probably the strangest sentence I've ever said: "Please don't lick the bottom of your shoe." Yes, I said. And yes, he was. We remember the weirdest things, huh?

Anyway, I digress. As I thought back over some of the activities and games we had done through the years, the first to come to mind were the obvious variations of the game "Tag." You remember "Tag," don't you? One person is "it" and has to chase down the other kids. The first one tagged then becomes "it." It's an old game, but children never seem to tire of it.

One of the coolest parts about the game "Tag" was that there was a place called "base." It was the place you could run to and the person who was "it" was not allowed to tag you. When you were on base, you were safe.

Did you know we have a "base" in real life? His name is Jesus. When the world is out to get us, when Satan is out to tempt us, when our own desires are out to defeat us, we can run to Jesus. In His arms, there is safety. In His arms, there is peace. In His arms, there is comfort. It doesn't matter what we're running from. It only matters Who we're running to. (And for all you English scholars out there, I know I'm not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but it sounded better that way. Sorry!)