You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover

I'm sure all of you have heard of Dr. James Dobson. I don't agree with everything the man says or believes, but he recently posted a letter warning parents, grandparents, and teachers about a new book that is full of blasphemy. Unfortunately, the book is a bestseller. I wanted to share the letter with you to make you aware of the situation. We have to stop these lies! Please note: the validity of the origin of this letter has been disputed, but the Focus on the Family website states that the feelings of Dr. Dobson and the content of the book are as stated in the letter.

Educators, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, please pay special attention not only to what your kids watch on TV and in movie theaters and the music they listen to ... but we must also be alert regarding the books they read.

Two particular books, Conversations with God and Conversations with God for Teens, written by Neale Donald Walsch sound harmless enough by their titles alone. These books have been on the New York Times best seller list for a number of weeks. These publications make truth of the statement "Don't judge a book by its cover/title". The author purports to answer various questions from kids using the "voice of God." However, the "answers" that he gives are not biblically based and in fact go against the very infallible Word of God.

For instance (and I paraphrase), when a girl asks the question "why am I a lesbian?" his answer is that she was born that way because of genetics just as you were born right-handed, with blue eyes, etc. Then he tells her to go out and "celebrate" her differences. Another girl poses the question "I am living with my boyfriend. My parents say that I should marry him because I am living in sin. Should I marry him?" His reply is "Who are you sinning against? Not me, because you have done nothing wrong."

Another question asks about God's forgiveness of sin. His reply - "I do not forgive anyone because there is nothing to forgive. There is no such thing as right or wrong and that is what I have been trying to tell everyone. I do not judge people. People have chosen to judge one another and this is wrong because the rule is 'Judge not lest ye be judged'." And the list goes on. Not only are these books the false doctrine of devils but in some instances even quote (in error) the Word of God. These books (and others like it) are being sold to school children (The Scholastic Book Club) and we need to be aware of what is being fed to our children. Our children are under attack so I pray that you be sober and vigilant about teaching your kids the true Word of God and guarding their exposure to worldly media because our adversary, the devil, "roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour" (1 Peter 5:8). And how many of us know that lions usually hunt for the slowest, weakest and YOUNGEST of its prey.

According to some online reports, Dobson succeeded in stopping Scholastic from distributing these books to Christian schools. Unfortunately, they are still be sold elsewhere and are poisoning the minds of unsuspecting victims. If you see or hear anyone talking about this book, please help them to understand the truth. That is our job as Christians!