Good, But Not Good Enough

I've spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon trying to clean my house because company is coming. I didn't intend for my house to get so dirty. I truly don't know what happened. I've been extremely busy with writing lately, and I guess I neglected the house. I kept up with the essentials like dishes and laundry, but today I found dust bunnies that were larger than my dogs, and I won't even describe to you what my bathrooms looked like. (I know my mom is cringing at this point and wondering where she went wrong in my upbringing. Sorry, Mom! It's not your fault.)

One of the most discouraging things about cleaning house is that even when I'm done there are parts of the house that still look dirty. We live in an old house, and old houses, while charming, are not without their problems. The tub is stained. The rug is frayed. The floors are scratched. The paint is peeling. These problems (and others) go far beyond what I can repair with a broom and a scrub brush. So, I work and work, and still, I'm not satisfied. The task always seems incomplete (and it's not just because the dogs can shed hair faster than I can vacuum it up).

I wonder, when God looks down from Heaven, if He sees a world filled with incomplete cleanings. The cleanings I'm speaking of are those who are trying everything they can think of to get into Heaven. . . everything, that is, except Jesus. How many people out there are trusting in their good looks, their good deeds, or their money to gain their entrance into Heaven? On the surface, they may look clean, but upon closer inspection, you'll find stains of sin. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can remove those stains of sin. There is no work good enough, no money worth enough, and no person special enough.

I fear for these people because one day they will stand before God. In their eyes, they are clean, but in the presence of Almighty God, it will be revealed that they aren't clean enough. Good, but not good enough. What about you? What are you trusting in to get you to Heaven? If it's anything but Jesus Christ, you're missing out. If you want a real cleaning, a complete cleansing, go to Jesus. He can wash you with His blood and make you whiter than snow!