Who's Your God?

I don't watch much television, but there are a few shows that I enjoy. As I ate my lunch yesterday, I decided to watch one of those shows. Overall, it's a good show set in a fictional land. The entire premise is a man fighting for the good to overcome all evil. There is no nudity and very little cursing, so I don't mind watching an episode every now and then.

On the episode I watched yesterday, the hero and heroine had the opportunity to meet someone who claimed to be their creator. She (yes, she) appeared to them in the body of a teenage girl. As I watched, I reminded myself that this was a fictional world and therefore, everything in it is made up. Still, their representation of the creator bothered me. Here are just a few things that stirred my blood:

1.) Other than her mother's words that one day she would become the creator, the girl knew nothing about her divine state.

2.) She had to be trained by mortals to act and behave as the creator.

3.) She had to be given her power (again, by mortals).

4.) She admitted to her "followers" that her greatest enemy was as strong as she was.

5.) After one miracle, her powers were exhausted.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad I don't serve a god like that. My God is all-powerful, and there is nothing that He can't do. There is no enemy He can't defeat. His mighty miracles don't even cause Him to break a sweat. His power can't be given or taken, and He needs no training in how to be God. Yes, He came to this world in the vulnerable form of a man, but He did it for me and for you. And even though He succumbed to death, He arose again on the third day! I don't know how the lost survive without knowing the God I know. Let's spread the word, shall we?