Hide and Seek

A few nights ago, Jason and I were having a simple dinner of hotdogs. I usually try to fix more nutritious meals, but it was one of those days where I needed something quick and easy, and hotdogs fit the bill. Anyway, we were just about finished with our meal when Jason's boss came to the house. We set our food out of reach. Jason went out to speak with his boss, and I decided to use the time to put the rest of the food away.

I noticed right away that the hotdog buns were nowhere in sight. I looked in the pantry thinking that maybe one of us had already put them away. Nope, they weren't there. That's when I started looking for Mitch. When food disappears around our house, he usually knows something about it. Unsurprisingly, I found him outside pushing dirt over a newly dug hole.

I looked around the yard for the bag that the hotdog buns had been in, but I didn't see it. He usually leaves this kind of evidence. Not finding what I was looking for, I moved closer to his hole. He grew very protective. Now, Mitch is one to bury any kind of bone or treat, but I've never know him to bury a bag, so I dropped the matter, determined to see what revealed itself in the next little bit.

Sure enough, when I went outside a couple of hours later, the empty bag was lying on the ground, and the hole had been dug up. Mitch is a VERY smart dog, so I'm figuring I caught him in the act of snatching the buns, so he decided to bury them until I wasn't looking. That way he could ensure that I wouldn't take them away from him. Smart, but not smart enough.

I'm reminded of the times I try to be smart or sneaky with God. Doing things I know I shouldn't do, oblivious to the fact that God knows exactly what I'm doing. I think I'm being smart, hiding my sin in various holes so that God won't see my rebellion, but I'm not as smart as I think I am. Not only does God see the evidence of my sin (like the empty bun bag), but He sees the entire act.

The funny thing is that I know God is all-knowing and ever-present. I know this, yet sometimes I act as if I don't. I don't know if I simply forget or if I just get so entangled in my sin that I'm oblivious to everything else. Whatever the reason, I'm sure God is sitting on His throne, shaking His head and saying, "Smart, Dana, but not smart enough."