Are You Plugged In?

For those of you who may not live in this area, South Carolina summers are notorious for afternoon thunderstorms. The daily forecast is the same day after day: highs in the 90's with afternoon thunderstorms. These storms are often very severe, bringing with them hail and damaging winds. As a result, many people spend countless nights without power.

We have been blessed this season in that we have not yet experienced a power outage at our house. To me, power outages are both scary and annoying. Their frightening in that they leave me in the dark for long periods of time, unsure when my power will be restored. Their annoying in that they interrupt my normal pattern of life and make everything more difficult. Plus, they always make me feel stupid because I walk from room to room flipping light switches when I know full well that the power is out. I've even been known to stick things in the microwave, push the appropriate buttons and become frustrated anew at the reminder that the power is out. It's like my intellect goes out with the power.

What's truly shameful, however, is how often I do the same thing in my spiritual life. I go about my day "flipping switches" knowing full well that I have yet to "plug in" for the day. In my haste, I forsake my Bible reading and prayer time so that I can accomplish all that is on my plate for the day. So I work and fret, work and fret, but all the while, nothing is really getting accomplished. I set out in my own power to accomplish things that can only be accomplished in God's power. In a sense, I'm trying to let my candle take the place of God's chandelier. Have you ever tried to work by candlelight? It's possible, but it sure is frustrating! The same can be said when we forsake God's power by not "plugging in" each and every day.

Are you plugged in today, or are you wandering around in the dark, flipping switches and wondering why nothing is happening? Get plugged in. Recharge your batteries. Accept the power that God is offering.

Oh, and while you're at it, will you check the microwave? I think my soup's done.