How Are You Walking?

It's been a couple of days since I last walked my dogs. The first day, I woke up with some nasty sinus junk going on, and I could barely sit up, so I figured I could be excused one day. However, the next day I woke up to rain, and I am NOT one of the ultra-dedicated health nuts that will get out and walk or jog in the rain.

So, as I laced up my shoes this morning, Mitch became aware that we were finally going to get to go out again. He literally took off in a run and drug me down the trail. I honestly didn't know my legs could move so fast, but I fear I will greatly regret it in the morning when I can't move. Still, I couldn't fault him for his eagerness. Mitch loves to go. For him, being cooped up in the house for two days is equivalent to twenty years in prison. He had his energy stored up, and he was ready to run.

By the time I got back with him, I was sweaty, sore and struggling to breathe, but I knew Tippy's walk would be much easier. I let Mitch in the house while letting Tippy out. I hooked the leash to her collar, and we set out. She didn't seem as eager as usual for her walk. Instead, she seemed eager to sniff. . . EVERYTHING. We'd walk for a minute and then stop and sniff for three. She lumbered along at her own pace, oblivious to anything except her own desires. Finally, I had had enough. I decided I was going to walk, and I would drag her if I had to. I knew I wouldn't have to because after a good scolding, she picked up her pace and limited her stops to a few necessary potty breaks.

I was truly amazed at the difference between their attitudes. One couldn't be stopped, and the other couldn't be made to go. One was thoroughly excited while the other seemed bored. I always knew my dogs had different personalities, but they really proved it this morning.

It made me think of the ways we serve God. Some of us are like Mitch. We can't wait to get out and do whatever it is God called us to do. We're excited and filled with energy. Nothing can deter us from our mission. Some of us are like Tippy. We're content with salvation and long to do nothing more than sniff here and there. We'll check out a few things, and if everything is to our liking, we might comply with a command or two. Otherwise, we're completely focused on our own desires.

It's possible, even, to be like Mitch one day and like Tippy the next. I know I've seen it in my own life. One day I can't wait to serve the Lord. I know what He has laid out for me that day, and I'm excited to get started. Other days, the Lord has to pull me along as I plod at my own pace oblivious to everything but my own desires. As I walked this morning, I asked God to help me be more like Mitch in my desire to serve Him and less like Tippy. Not only will I accomplish more for Christ, but I'll find more joy in the journey. After all, Mitch's walk, while tiring, was uplifting. Tippy's was frustrating.

Are you walking with the Lord this morning? If so, are you walking eagerly beside Him, ready to serve Him throughout your day? Or are you lagging behind, only doing the things that are absolutely necessary? Are you walking willingly or being dragged? Are you Mitch or Tippy?