Whiny and Ungrateful

Throughout the past few weeks of dealing with Mitch's injury, one thing has fascinated me: the dog never complains. On the day he sliced his foot open, he licked at the injury, but never whimpered or whined. He only threw a fit when he realized he was without his mommy and daddy at the vet. Since he's been recovering, never a whimper or whine, despite the number of times the wound has been opened and bleeding and the number of times we've had to wrap and unwrap it. He's not thrilled with the process, mind you, but overall, he just hasn't complained. The only sound of discomfort he made was on the day I brought him home from the vet. He moaned a few times and then vomited up his anesthetic. Those moans were completely understandable.

The sad part is that I've whined and complained far more than he has. I've moaned. I've cried. I've fretted. I've sulked. And I'm not even the one with the injury! Oh, the lessons I could learn from Mitch. Somehow, in his life, he's learned to be strong. No matter what befalls him, he just makes the best of what he has. Why can't I do the same? Why do life's ripples rock my boat so severely? Why can't I be like Mitch, taking life as it comes and doing the best I can with it?

God has been so good to me, yet I find myself unsatisfied with his many blessings. I find myself wanting more out of life. Unfortunately, it often takes one of life's storms (like the one I'm in) to remind me how good my life truly is. As I type this post (with one hand since my other is tucked securely beneath Mitch), I long for my "old" life back, the life that I was complaining about just a few weeks ago. It's amazing how much a storm can change our perspective. This one has certainly opened my eyes to how whiny and ungrateful I've been.

I'm reminded of the song, "Sometimes It Takes a Storm." I hate to think that Mitch has had to suffer this terrible injury so that God could point out and correct my attitude, but I must admit that it's a very real possibility. I believe God will do what it takes to get our attention. Not out of spite, mind you, but out of love.

So how's your attitude today? Are you feeling whiny and ungrateful? Does God need to get your attention? I hope not, for I can tell you that the process is not a pleasant one. No matter how bad things may seem, be thankful for what you have. I guarantee you things could be much worse.