Seeking to Save

Jason and I recently watched the movie "Knowing." It was a very intense movie about a little girl who predicted future disastrous events, including the end of the world. Was the movie accurate according to the Bible? No, of course not. Did it portray any important lessons? Most definitely.

You see, in the movie, the main character (played by Nicholas Cage) has the list of dates of the disasters. The list includes a few dates in the future. After figuring out what the list of numbers represented, the character did everything in his power to prevent the events from taking place. He went to the places and warned people of the danger. Still, his efforts proved insufficient, and the disasters took place as predicted. So what does that have to do with us?

We, too, know of an impending disaster. The Bible gives us a clear picture of what the future holds. For the saved, it holds joy unspeakable and peace unimaginable. For the unsaved, however, the future is horrible beyond comprehension. So when was the last time we warned someone? We have a chance to make a difference. Are we taking advantage of that opportunity?

I don't know about you, but I know I can be a much better witness that I've been lately. I've been lax in my responsibility as a Christian to go and tell all the world that Jesus saves. The movie compelled me to do a better job in my position as a witness. It was a reminder that I know what the future holds, and I need to act on that knowledge. Our church motto is "Each One Reach One." Have I reached my one today? Have you?