Good Advertising

We have a sign company down the road from our house with whom I would never do business. Why? Because the digital sign outside their building is always broken. It never shows the right time. Half the time, only part of the digits are visible. I have never seen it working properly, and we've been in this house for nearly 12 years.

In my mind, that's REALLY bad advertising. I mean, seriously, if you're selling signs, one would think that you would want your sign to be the best sign anyone has ever seen. It's on your property. It's advertising your products. And with an advertisement like that, I find it hard to believe that the company is still in business.

Did you know that we are all in the advertising business? As Christians, it is our responsible and privilege to advertise Christ. We are walking billboards of His mercy and grace. So when people look at us, do they see a "product" worth having? If we look, act and talk no different than the world, probably not. However, if people look on us and see something that they don't see in others, they're going to wonder, 'What's different about him/her?' When they see joy in the midst of heartache and peace in midst of trials, they'll take a second look and realize that they want whatever it is that we have. And we receive an open door to witness to an eager soul.

What kind of advertising are you doing today? When people look at you, does anything stand out? We're all advertising something, so it's important to check up daily and make sure we're promoting the right thing.