A Little Dizzy, But Back on Track

Several days ago, on his way home from work, Jason stopped by the pet store to pick up the special food that Tippy (our beagle) needs because of her skin condition.  When he arrived home, he entertained me with the story of his wait in line.

The registers are at the front of the store, and slightly behind them are the various rodents for sale.  Whoever set the store up was obviously thinking because as customers wait, they can be entertained by the furry critters.  Jason certainly was.  He told me of two mice who were both trying to use the wheel at the same time.  The hilarious part was that they were going in opposite directions.  One mouse was larger than the other, so he usually got the wheel going in his direction which caused the smaller one to hold tight as he was flung around and around in the direction opposite to the one he was trying to go.  I couldn't help but laugh as Jason was telling me the story.  I wish I could have seen it for myself, but he did a wonderful job describing it to me.

Do you ever feel like the little mouse striving for all your worth to get ahead but instead being flung about in the opposite direction?  I know I sometimes do.  I see the track before me, but sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get to the finish line.  I realize that many times it's my own fault.  I'm tired or distracted, and I allow these things to cause me to lose track of my goal.  Other times, circumstances beyond my control cause my world to tip and spin.  By the time I get back on track, I'm so dizzy I can barely stand, let alone walk.

In times like these, isn't it good to know that we aren't walking alone.  When I can't stand, I can lean on my Savior.  When I can't walk, He carries me in His strong arms.  When I can't see the path before me, He leads me.  And when my world seems to be spinning out of control, He gives me the grace and strength to begin again.

Sure, it's difficult to stay on the right path when so many things are pulling in the opposite direction.  But I've found it much easier when I remember that I never walk alone.