A Poem to Share

Today, I would like to share with you a poem from the book, Poems to Ponder for God's Glory.  This book is by first-time author, Irene Collins.  I had the opportunity to meet Irene at her book signing a few weeks ago.  It was a true joy to sit down with a fellow author and discuss the pleasures and pains of writing, publishing and marketing.  I purchased Irene's book, and I've been enjoying her poetry.  I would like to share one of my favorites with you.


Send Blessings

Lord, I come before you.
I do not understand
All the hurt I'm feeling;
I've taken all I can.

I need to see the beauty
I feel from all the pain
I ask for sweet refreshing 
Of blessings in the rain.

Extend your hand of mercy
And take away my fear.
Let me feel your presence,
To know that you are near.

Bring comfort in my sorrow
And balm to soothe my pain,
Hope for my tomorrow
And blessings in the rain.

You are a God of mercy.
Do take away my fears.
Lord, uphold me by your hand,
And dry up all my tears.

To find out more about Irene's book or to purchase a copy, click here.