When I Feel I'm Going Under

A friend of mine recently posted the above cartoon on Facebook.  When I saw it, I was immediately reminded of myself.  What's sad is that my husband directed me to the exact same cartoon with the message, "This reminded me of you."  Does he know me or what?

The truth is I've been in a spiritual battle for the past couple of weeks.  I've been bombarded with weapons I didn't even know Satan possessed.  I've grown tired and weary, and to be honest, there have been a few times when I just wanted to give up.  I've prayed.  I've cried.  I've read my Bible.  I've quoted Scripture.  Yet, the attacks keep coming.  It seems I barely have time to recover from one battle before another is beginning.

Some kind-hearted onlookers have tried to help by saying things like, "Well, consider it a good thing.  It just means you must be doing God's will.  Satan wouldn't waste his time with you if you were out of God's will."  I understand what they're saying, and I appreciate their help.  But truthfully, it doesn't make the battles any easier.

Too often, over the course of the past couple of weeks, I've felt just like the little girl in the cartoon above.  I've felt scared.  I've been paralyzed by the unknown.  I've felt like I was sinking and like I would soon go under for the very last time.  Yet, every day, through some means or another, God has reminded me that He is holding me up.  Through a verse, a devotion, a song, a sermon, and even a cartoon, my loving Father has assured me that He won't let me sink.

I know the battle's not over, but through His reassurance, God has given me some new weapons to use.  With Him, we will claim the victory.  Praise the Lord that "when the waves are over my head, they're under His feet."

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. - Psalm 56:3