If I Had Known

Typically, Wednesday is my errand day.  If there's shopping to do, it gets done on Wednesday.  It just works for me.  This past Wednesday, however, was nasty.  It rained all day.  Thunderstorms darkened the sky, and I had no intention of going out.  I didn't need anything that badly.  I decided it was the perfect day to pull my laptop into my lap and work from the bed.  I didn't even get out of my pajamas until it was time to get ready for church.  In this instance, procrastination seemed to be the way to go.

Imagine my dismay when I awoke Thursday morning to find the same dreary skies and pouring rain.  "Well, that's just great!" I complained.  "The rain was supposed to be over.  That's why I waited."  Not only was it rainy, but it was cold.  At least Wednesday had been warm.  But because I had put my errands off, I now had to go out in the cold rain.  I was not pleased.

If I had known it was going to be so cold and rainy on Thursday morning, I would have gone ahead and run my errands on Wednesday.  But I had no way of knowing.  All I could do was rely on the forecast, and we all know how reliable that truly is.

Wouldn't life be easier if we knew what tomorrow held?  If we knew what was in our future, wouldn't it make our present a little easier to deal with?  But we don't know, and that's why we have to trust the One Who does.  That's why it's not wise to make decisions on our own -- because we have no idea what the future holds.  But God does. 

Plowing through life without heeding God's direction can lead to much worse than soggy shoes and goosebumps.  Let's ask God what He wants us to do and follow His leadership.  Not only does He know what tomorrow holds, but He's already there.  And with such knowledge, He can help us make the right decisions.  We need only to listen and obey!

I'm happy to report the storms abated and the skies cleared. . .on my way home.  But hey, I'll take sunny skies anytime!