Sophie, Pay Attention by Susan Barnett Braun

As a teacher of nine years, I understand the difficulty of finding good stories for children. Many of the stories being written today are not appropriate for young audiences, and some of them are not appropriate for audiences of any age. Disrespect, bad language, and bad attitudes run rampant in many of today's stories. Unfortunately, many Christian works, while clean and free of negative traits, have a tendency to be dry or predictable. "Sophia, Pay Attention" is like a breath of fresh air to the Christian children's market.

Ms. Braun does an excellent job of weaving together a realistic tale with a familiar Bible story. The main character, Sophia, makes the reader laugh and at times, feel sorry for her. In a sense, I believe every reader, young or old, can relate to Sophie's desire to stay more focused yet falling short of that goal. Her character is lovable and a joy to follow around through the wonderful tale of her efforts and the important lesson she learns from the Bible via her Sunday School teacher.

This book would make a wonderful addition to any library for young readers. The story is easy to read and short enough to be read in one sitting. But I think what I love most is that the book offers more than mere entertainment. It offers an insight into how Biblical principles are not outdated and can be applied to our lives today. Even a young child can find valuable truths in the Word of God and apply those truths to his own life. "Sophie, Pay Attention" fits the bill of being a book that both teaches and entertains.