Steps in the Darkness

With winter coming on rapidly and the time change having already taken place, Jason and I have been reminded to get off the hiking trails a lot sooner than normal.  At five o'clock, it may still look like day time, but within a half an hour, it gets dark. . .very dark!  The trick is knowing how much time to leave ourselves before beginning the trek back to the parking area.  It always takes a while to get used to the different times and seasons.  We may think we're leaving in plenty of time, but before we're halfway back, the sun disappears, and the trail becomes very difficult to follow.

Yes, unfortunately, we've spent many evenings picking our way along a trail with only two small flashlights to illuminate the path ahead.  Not only is the process difficult, but it's unnerving.  The darkness can make the woods a very creepy place to be, and when the beam of one of the flashlights shines on the eyes of one of the dogs, well, that just scares the daylights out of me (get it, daylight, ha ha. . . anyway. . .)

The thing I hate about flashlights is that they're great for seeing the step just in front of you but not much else.  Sure, you can shine it around, making things a little more visible, but for the most part, it's only good for the next step.

Many times in life, I feel like I'm walking in the dark with only a flashlight to light my way.  And just as the example above illustrates, only the step before me is illuminated.  I long to see the whole path.  I wish to see the entire way.  I would find comfort in examining the entire trail before setting my course.  But alas, only one step is visible.  And that, my friend, is why we must have faith.

God has set each of us on a course.  We may even have a destination in view.  The path, however, often remains a mystery.  God has provided us with everything we need to take the journey, but we must trust in Him to take one step after another.  Only with each step will the next step be revealed and the final destination be reached.  It's daunting.  It's downright scary.  It's tempting to turn back or to stand still, but neither of those options will benefit us.  Our only true choice is to carry on one step at a time, watching and waiting for God's light to illuminate the next step He would have us to take. 

Before long, we'll be out of the woods and headed home, where there is no darkness!