Faith Versus Fear

I was reading an article today, and I stumbled upon a familiar phrase.  The words took me back to a time long ago.  I remembered myself walking through the front door of my parent's home (which was also my home at the time).  I had just returned from work.  I stumbled to my room, weary from work and heartbroken from my recent breakup with my boyfriend of three and a half years.

As I set my belongings down, I noticed a small booklet lying open on my dresser.  It was a tiny book of religious poems.  A paper clip was holding it open to the current page.  Across the top of the page in bold print were the words, "Faith Is Stronger Than My Fears".  I read the poem and allowed the tears to flow freely.  When I could finally see clearly, I went out to hug my mom and to thank her for the encouragement.

My memory is a lot like Swiss cheese.  There are many things I simply cannot seem to remember, but that memory is so clear and vivid.  And when I stumbled across the same phrase today, I knew I had to share the poem with you, for I've saved the book of poems all these years.  That's how much it means to me!

Faith Is Stronger Than My Fears

Sometimes my cross is hard to bear
For there is darkness everywhere
And troubles pile around my door
Like autumn leaves forevermore.

The morning light seems far away
Like I am stuck in yesterday
My heart is beating like a drum
I try to pray, but words won’t come

But then the sun begins to rise
And hope is born within my eyes
A rainbow forms among my tears
For faith is stronger than my fears

P.S. - Mom, I don't know if you remember this poem or the day that you shared it with me, but I want you to know how much it has helped me throughout the years.  I love you!