Good Versus Easy

I read an article yesterday about choosing the good things in life over those things that are easy.  To be honest, the article really hit home.

It's good to exercise daily, but it's easy to sit on the couch and read a book.
It's good to eat a healthy lunch, but it's easy to grab a soda and a bag of cookies.
It's good to spend time with God, but it's easy to rush into my day without giving Him a thought.
It's good to study and prepare for my lessons, but it's easy to drag out and use old material.
It's good to encourage others, but it's easy to tear others down.

Good versus easy.  The process usually involves a difficult decision and a lot of conversation with myself.  Remember in the cartoons when a character was having to make a moral or ethical decision, a little angel popped up on one shoulder and a little devil popped up on the other. The two proceeded to argue, and eventually one of them won out.  That same process (minus the physical forms of angel and devil) goes on in my mind each time I'm faced with a difficult decision.  One side of me says, "What's it going to hurt?  Yes, a salad would be a better lunch option, but you've worked hard, so you deserve that double deluxe cheeseburger with fries."  The other side of me says, "No!  You have worked hard.  That's why you don't want to blow it now.  Go with the salad.  Take care of your temple."  And as time presses on, each voice seems to get louder and louder.

I wish I could say that I always listen to the sensible voice and choose what's good over what's easy, but if I did, it would be a lie.  Too often, I choose the easy, only to regret it and wish I could go back and change my decision.  During these times, I have to remember that I can do all things through Christ because He does give me strength.  Yes, I may have messed up this time, but that doesn't mean I'll mess up next time.  And I've discovered, the more I listen to the sensible side (which is the Holy Ghost, by the way), the easier it is to drown out the voice that wants it easy.

Are you facing decisions today and torn between choosing what's good and what's easy?  If so, remember that Christ will give you the strength to make the right choose.  Give the problem to Him.  Ask for His advice.  And when He gives it, follow it.  We know the difference between what's good and what's easy.  It's not rocket science.  But knowing and doing are two different things.  It's not enough to know.  We must act.  And trust me, it won't be easy!