We Can't Stop Now!

I recently finished another Lynn Kurland novel.  For those of you who are not aware, Lynn Kurland is my all-time favorite non-Christian author.  While I do have to tiptoe around a few cuss words here and there, her books are overall clean and most intriguing.  Most of her novels revolve around time gates in England and Scotland (which makes it really odd for me to like them since time travel gives me a headache).  Her characters, the majority of whom belong to three main family groups, bounce around through time, seeking love and adventure.  The danger I find in reading a Kurland book is that once I start, I just can't stop, and because so many of the characters are related, I'll read something in my current book that will make me want to read another book of hers to obtain all the details about something she briefly made mention of.  She definitely weaves a tantalizing web.

And she is the queen of hook endings.  You know, chapter endings like, "This was his last chance to make it home.  It was now or never.  He gathered his courage and stepped through the gate.  He made it through, but he certainly hadn't anticipated the scene before him" (my words, not Kurland's).  What?  What did he see?  Was it good or bad?  Don't leave me hanging.  And so, I find myself reading the next chapter, only to discover she does the same thing at the end of that chapter.  Four hours later, I've finished the book.  Oops!

That's just how I'm wired.  I like to know what's next.  I'm motivated by anticipation.  I can't stand to stop in the middle of a story.  And because of that, I wonder why so often in my life's story I'm so ready to throw in the towel.  "Nope, it's too hard.  This just isn't what I expected, and I don't know how to deal with it.  I quit.  I'm done!" 

What's the matter with me?  I've read enough books to know that the darkest circumstances precede the best part of the story.  When everything looks hopeless, I know that the story is about to get really good.  Things are just getting interesting.  Problems are the elements that make a great story.  I can't stop now in the midst of the storm.  I have to keep going.  I have to see how things turn out.  I need to find out how the characters overcome what appears to be a hopeless situation.  I want to be awed by the Hero who sweeps in and saves the day.  No, I can't stop now, and neither can you.  Our happily ever after is just around the corner.

And fortunately for me, no time travel is involved!