The Car With Two Drivers

Last night on our weekly date night, Jason and I were discussing vehicles (strange topic for a date, I know, but that's where the conversation led).  Jason was talking about a particular vehicle that could be ordered to seat either seven or eight depending on whether you put a bench or two captain's chairs in the second row.  He made the comment, "Yeah, you can replace the middle bench with two captain's chairs just like the two drivers' seats."  Realizing his mistake, he quickly added, "I mean, the two front seats, not drivers' seats." 

We had a good laugh and then discussed the problems that would arise if we were both driving the car.  I would want to do the speed limit while Jason would want to do at least five over.  I would try to stop for the yellow light, but Jason would floor it.  I would wait for traffic to completely clear before pulling out whereas Jason would be comfortable pulling into the closest lane regardless of the traffic in the other lanes.  In short, it would be a mess!  It just would not work at all for the driver and passenger to both have control of the car.

I think you see where I'm going with this.  Who's controlling your "car"--you or God?  Just as with the vehicle, two people can't control one life.  Only one person can be at the helm, or a multitude of problems will arise.  If I'm trying to "help God out" by turning the wheel, stepping on the gas or stomping on the brakes, I'm not giving Him full control of my life.  He's trying to steer my life in one direction, and I'm obstinately trying to steer it in the opposite direction.  "But there's roadwork down that way," I complain.  "I don't want to go that way.  It's rough and rocky, not to mention slow.  This way is clear, smooth sailing.  Why can't we go this way?"  And if I'll be still and quiet, I may hear the answer, "Because, my child, that way leads to a dead end."  Oh!

You see, we often forget that while we may be able to "drive" through this life, we have no idea how to navigate.  I'm terrible with directions.  I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag with a hole at both ends.  You would think I would have figured out by now that I shouldn't try to give directions and neither should I trust my own instincts when it comes to directions.  All I manage to accomplish is finding myself lost, confused and exhausted.

God wants to be both the navigator and driver in our lives.  He wants to direct and steer us in the ways we should go.  All He wants from us is to trust Him and sit back and enjoy the ride.  No, He doesn't really appreciate backseat drivers.

And so, today we must make a choice.  Who's driving and who's navigating?  God will do both if we'll let Him.  And the ride will certainly be more pleasant!